Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One thing that impressed me very much about the younger generation in Afghanistan, at least from what I’ve seen so far, is that they are so eager to learn, and they strive for success. Even with the lack, and low standard of education these kids try to gain as much as they can. They are incredibly intelligent. In North America where education system is absolutely amazing, most kids will do only what they have to in order to get to the next level. Most are not passionate. I believe if you give the same opportunities to these Afghan youth who are so hungry for knowledge, who knows how far they can take it. The sky is the limit. I noticed that some Afghan youth in Vanouver would find a minimum wage job, and hang out with friends all day. Some are forced to get a job quickly and settle down. The reason for this is their parents are afraid they might end up falling in love with a non-Afghan. I find this absurd. They keep them away from a successful future for this reason. My parents told my brothers and I that we shouldn’t even think of settling down until we complete our education. By that time we will be wise enough to make a good decision whoever we decide to spend our life with. Well my dad says, "Who needs to get married these days?!" lol. Right now I agree with him...maybe that will change one day. hmmm. Not anytime soon though.


  1. So true. Way too many Afghans and other immigrant groups in Canada dont take advantage of the educational oppurtunities which are granted to us that out cousins in Afghanistan would do anything to have.

  2. Could you post pics of Afghanistan?
    And could please tell us more about what you're doing there? Thank you. =)