Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just like so many other Afghans, I too have a story. We had to flea Afghanistan (my family and I) when I was just a child. We left everything behind just to stay alive because at that moment the only thing that matters is your life. Although I was only 5 years old, I seem to remember a lot about Afghanistan. This is my first blog, so it should include a bit of a preview from the past. I grew up in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, and am a Canadian citizen…definitely can’t complain about that, but my heart was always in Kabul. The rest of my family seemed to accept their new life in Canada, and I didn’t mind it either, but my father and I were really eager to come back one day. Three years ago my father got his chance to come back when he heard that the Canadian forces would be based in Kandahar. He quickly jumped to the opportunity, and is now with them for three years and counting.
I finally got my chance early this year when I got a phone call from a brand new TV station here in Kabul. At first my parents were hesitant, but I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, so I told them this is my decision, and they should respect it. It was the wisest decision I’ve ever made lol. It was perfect because I just finished a program in Broadcast Journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I was planning on applying t Canadian TV stations, and then I get a call…from Kabul.
I was eagerly counting the days to when I would finally arive, and now I am here in Kabul jan. There are so many things I have to share with you all. I’m completely amazed at what I see here. Every day I will be writing about my experiences, and the reason I started this blog is because every day is just so interesting here. Sorry guys this is my longest blog since it's the first one as I mentioned before lol.